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The Late Horrible Massacre, Los Angeles Star, 10 October 1857

The Immigrant Massacre, Daily Alta California (San Francisco), 14 October 1857

The Perils of the Plains: The Mormons and the Late Massacre, San Francisco Herald, 21 and 27 October 1857

More Outrages on the Plains, Los Angeles Star, 24 October 1857

The Late Outrages on the Plains. Another Account, Los Angeles Star, 31 October 1857

Letter from Angel's Camp, Daily Alta California (San Francisco), 1 November 1857

The Late Outrages on the Plains. Further Particulars, Los Angeles Star, 7 November 1857

Letter from San Bernardino. The Mormon-Indian Outrages on the Plains, San Francisco Evening Bulletin, 12 November 1857

The Federal Government and Utah, Southern Vineyard (Los Angeles), 29 May 1858

Mountain Meadows Massacre: A Tale of Horror, San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, 23 April 1859

Mountain Meadows: A Review of the Story of the Massacre of the Emigrants, San Francisco Evening Bulletin Supplement, 24 March 1877

Lee's Victims, The Families Murdered at Mountain Meadows, San Jose Pioneer, 21 April 1877

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