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1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre

New York Times, New  York City, New York, October 10,  1893

Harrison, Ark.  A reunion of the survivors of the Mountain Meadow massacre is to take place here this week. James Lynch, of Washington, represents the survivors in a suit against the United States, and he reached Harrison a day or two ago. The massacre occurred in September, 1857, and only fifteen children escaped death, ten of whom are now living, five of them in Boone county. Capt. Lynch says the Mormon Church has been sued for $256,000, and that the case is likely soon to be settled in favor of the plaintiffs. The wagon train had $70,000 in money, and $26,000 in cattle, besides household effects.  Capt. Lynch was in the United States Army and assisted at the rescue. He has since devoted almost his entire attention to the survivors.

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