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Friday, September 10, 1999 was the day for re-interment of the remains of the twenty nine distinct individuals from the Arkansas Emigrant wagon train.  We do not know who these individuals were, but believe one to be an infant by the name of John Mitchell.  All of the remains, that were recovered during the construction of the monument, filled four Oak Ossuaries designed to fit inside of the pine lined concrete burial vault.  After the dirt from several areas of hallowed ground in Arkansas was placed into the vault, the Oak Ossuaries with the remains were carried by direct descendants of the pioneers from the Arkansas Emigrant wagon train to the vault and placed into it.  The re-interment ceremonies were in keeping with ceremonies of North West Arkansas and conducted by descendants in the Harrison, Arkansas area. 

At the request of the families, the attendance was kept to a minimum of wagon train descendants and invited guests only. 

The following photographs were taken by several people on September 10, 1999 during the re-interment ceremony.  Our thanks to Kent Bylund, John Berky, and John Hart.

This is the Program for the Re-interment Memorial Services
Design and content by Patty Norris and Judge Roger Logan of Harrison Arkansas

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Spilsbury & Beard  Mortuary, in St. George, where the remains were put into the four  ossuaries (oak boxes)
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The hand woven cotton cover for the remains in the ossuaries.  
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The monument from the parking lot side of the ravine.
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Arrival of the four ossuaries at the Mountain Meadows
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Eagle Scouts raising the American Flag.  This flag covered the coffin of a Fancher returned from Viet Nam.
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The wind gave the Eagle Scouts a hard time 
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A very proud sight

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The four oak ossuaries covered with hand made 1851 American Flags.    Flags were made by Bessie Barney and the ladies in the Bloomington Stake,
St George, Utah
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Eagle Scouts folding the 1851 flags.  The 1851 flag with 31 stars in it was the flag the the Baker/Fancher knew.
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Eagle Scouts folding the flags. 
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Eagle Scouts folding the 1851 flags. 
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Those who brought soil from hallowed places in Arkansas placing the soil in the burial vault.
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Placing the Arkansas soil in the burial vault.
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Don Baker and Paul Wilson carrying one of the  oak ossuaries to the burial vault.
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Direct descendants caring another ossuary
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Eagle Scouts saluting the   oak ossuaries as they are taken to the burial vault.


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Placing one of the oak ossuaries into the burial vault.


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The opening to the burial vault inside of the stone wall.


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The Speakers viewing the re-interment.  Elder Neuenschwander, Judge Logan,  Rev. Cram,  Ron Loving.  Not shown:  Stewart Udall and J K Fancher.
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Passing the oak ossuaries to the inside
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Stewart Udall reading his poem to the gathering.
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Stewart Udall's Poem
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Ron Loving and Stewart Udall

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Glen Leonard,  Director of the LDS Church's Museum  of History and Art

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Brian Patrick intensely video taping the events of the day.

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J K and Genevieve Fancher
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Fred and Caroline Garrett and members of the Houston family.  Owners of adjacent land to the monument.
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Koley, Allie and KJ Bylund.  Kent Bylunds children and the fifth generation of Platts to call the meadows home.
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Dale Bills (Churches Public Affairs Office) and Lee Gray, designer of the monument.
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Ren and Debbie Boyce w/grandson.   These people donated their time, money and weeks of heavy equipment for construction.
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